After His Acting Debut, Michael Douglas’ Father Told Him: “Son You Were Terrible.” 50 Years Later, He Has Proven Him Wrong

November 21, 2018 18:11

On November 6, Michael Douglas joined the legends when he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


For Michael, who also celebrated an impressive 50 years in show business, the event was super-special as he was joined by his son and legendary father Kirk Douglas, who was inducted with his own star in 1960.


While Michael Douglas (74) has enjoyed immense fame through his successful roles in films such as Wall Street (1987), Traffic (2000), and The American President (1995), his journey there has not been easy.

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In his acting debut, his father told him he was terrible

Michael Douglas recalls that in his first acting part, he played the messenger in A Midsummer’s Night Dream, where he was spectacularly incomprehensible. After the play, the actor’s father Kirk told him:

Son, you were terrible. You were absolutely terrible.

The comment, which appears to have stuck with Michael for the rest of his life, however, inspired him to become better. Studying under Wynn Handman, an acting coach from New York, the actor learned to overcome his anxiety and regain his confidence as a performer.


With training, Michael Douglas became better

After returning back on stage, even his father admitted that he had the potential to become a great actor. After shining in a stage role that his had gone to see, the old man remarked:

You’re good. You’re really good. Persevere. It’s not just out of pure talent. Sometimes you’ve just got to slog away.

Those words coming from Kirk Douglas, who is ranked #17 on the American Film Institute’s greatest male American screen legends, would come to inspire greatness in the young Michael and 50 years later, he has become a legend himself.

Clearly, the father-son bond between the two is inspirational, and the induction of both Michael and his father Kirk on the Walk of Fame induction is proof that sons can definitely follow in their father’s footsteps and excel.

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Just like his father, Michael is a grandfather too

Last year, Michael’s son Cameron, made his father a grandfather when he welcomed his little girl, Lua Izzy. The granddaughter, who is named after Kirk Douglas’ childhood nickname Izzy, brought joy to the extended family, especially after Cameron’s unfortunate four-year stint in jail.

Cameron, who had been sentenced to 7 years for drug charges, has received great support from his father and family, and now that he is a father, he is determined to change his life. Michael, who was happy that his son was out of prison, noted that:

There will be a time for him to tell his story when he’s ready to.

Well, if their close familial bonds are anything to go by, it is safe to say that Cameron will make his loved ones proud especially now that he has more responsibilities. Through their experiences as a family and their successful careers, the Douglases prove that with love and support, families can grow and excel together.

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