“Divorce Is Hard On A Kid, No Matter How You Cut It.” Kim Basinger Opens Up On Her Divorce From Alec Baldwin

November 21, 2018 18:12

For anyone, divorce is one of the hardest things one can go ever through as it leaves one dejected, devastated, and depressed. However, for kids, divorce and the battle for custody is the most trying period of their young lives, as they see the people they love the most fight against each other.


For Ireland Baldwin, daughter to famous and outspoken actor Alec Baldwin, her parents’ divorce was one of the most traumatic periods of her life. For the actor and his ex-wife Kim Basinger, the divorce was hard and nasty, a fact they regret affected their daughter’s life in unfathomable ways.

A nasty and difficult divorce

Speaking on their divorce, Basinger, who had ironically turned down a role in Sleeping with the Enemy to star in The Marrying Man alongside Balwin, noted that while their split had been hard, she learned to forgive with time and move on.


Speaking on the divorce and its effects on their only child, she said:

Divorce is hard on a kid, no matter how you cut it. And ours was very public and nasty.

Thus, as she brought up her kid, she gave her a lot of freedom, as she felt the need to repair the damage that the divorce had done to her.

Baldwin and Basinger, who had entered into marriage only three years after starring in The Marrying Man had never signed any prenup or made any initial agreements on their future. Nine years later, that decision came back to haunt them both as their divorce transformed into a 6-year-long nightmare.

On the divorce, Baldwin commented that:

I can barely tell you what I did for those six years. It was a period that was so painful, I was staring off a cliff for six years.


While the divorce was finalized in 2002 and the two split custody of Ireland who is now 23 years-old, it was definitely a challenging period in all of their lives. More than a decade later, Baldwin and Basinger have learned to accommodate each other for their child.

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They have moved on and they are happy

The ageless Basinger (64), who also starred in the 2017 romantic drama film, Fifty Shades Darker, went ahead to date her long time hair stylist, Mitch Stone.


After overcoming the hardships of the divorce, she dedicated her life to loving her daughter and gradually, she found joy in life again.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Alec Balwin (60) married yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas and is now a father to four beautiful kids

His life as a father to Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, and the baby Romeo in his new marriage clearly appears to be filled with true happiness. 

To Baldwin, her daughter Ireland is extremely special to him and he's happy that she is part of his life

When I'm with her, I'm happy...It's one of the times in my life that I'm happy

While her parent’s divorce was public and nasty, Ireland survived and today, the young actress has a great relationship with both her parents. 

Since the apple does not fall far from the tree, Ireland, who is also a model, has dabbled in film and has featured in two films, Grudge Match (2013) and Campus Caller (2017).


Ireland is proof that while divorce can be hard on children, with love and civility after separation, they can move on to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

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