Baby Boy Was Born Without A Brain, But His Parents Stay Strong And Give Him The Best They Can

May 15, 2018 16:20

Jaxon Buell is a very special baby. He was born almost without his brain and later on was diagnosed with microhydranencephaly, which means that his brain is severely underdeveloped. Despite this fact, his parents, Brandon and Brittany, truly love him and try to do their best to make the life of their child as happy as possible. Jaxon has to struggle with certain difficulties in his everyday life, but his mother and father do not give up.

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When Jaxon's condition was discovered by doctors during the 17th pregnancy week ultrasound, Brittany was advised to terminate the pregnancy. However, the boy's parents refused to do it, and the baby was born. They admit that every day is a struggle, but at the same time, every moment with Jaxon is precious to them.




Parents were told that babies with such a condition don’t live long, so they are ready for everything. Still, Jaxon is a lucky boy as he is the one who hears "We love you" from his parents hundred times a day. His parents demonstrate lots of strength and patience: We see that if people truly love their child, they can easily overcome any obstacles.

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Besides, Brittany and Brandon created The Jaxon Strong Foundation in order to raise awareness and funds for neurological research. They want to inspire and help others, showing that the gift of life is priceless and we should be grateful for every day. Jaxon’s parents say that the boy is making progress, despite the fact that doctors told them he wouldn’t be able to do anything. Their mission is amazing, they prove that with love and care, everything is possible.

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