Celine Dion Is A Proud Mom Of 3 Wonderful Sons Who Bear A Striking Resemblance To Her

Date November 21, 2018

Despite having achieved levels of success that most artists can only dream of, super star songstress Celine Dion considers motherhood to be one of her greatest achievements, as she loves her three children from the bottom of her heart.

Celine's children are her source of strength

Speaking on her return to music after the devastating loss of Rene Angelil, her husband of 22 years, Celine Dion revealed that she found strength in loss, as her loving partner’s death encouraged her to be a better and loving mother to her kids.

For the first time in her life, Celine was the main caregiver for the kids, as she took charge of all family responsibilities, a decision that strengthened her bond with her wonderful sons.

Several years later, Celine is not only stronger as a woman, but she has also grown closer with the sons, who continue to resemble her with every passing year.

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Celine’s 17-year-old son is just like his mother

While Celine is a mother to three kids, Nelson, Eddy, and Rene-Charles, the star is clearly closer to her first born, who appears to have taken after his mother.

Recently, as Celine received the Billboard Icon Awards, her son Rene-Charles surprised her on the stage, a gesture that drew tears from the vocalist. The moving gesture from her son caught her offguard, and she could do nothing to fight back her tears of joy.

Aside from confirming that Celine is true to her emotions, Rene-Charles' appearance on stage confirmed that the musical songstress is loved and cherished by her children.

Rene-Charles is following in her mother’s footsteps

Recently, RC revealed that he is keen to follow in his mother’s footsteps, as he released two songs that demonstrated his deep desire to become as great as, if not greater, than her mother.

Celine Dion Is A Proud Mom Of 3 Wonderful Sons Who Bear A Striking Resemblance To Hergettyimages

Under his rap moniker, Big Tip, Rene-Charles realeased the songs, "Catwalks (Sidewalks Remix)," and “Loft Music Remix” that became chart toppers on the R&B and Soul categories on Sound Cloud.

While Big Tip's rap music could not be further from Celine Dion’s pop and R&B love ballads, his dabble in music reveals that he is keen to honor his mother's legacy through a shared love of good music.

Celine's close bonds to her children prove that a woman can have it all, a great love life, a successful career, and a great family. While she has become an icon to people all around the world, she has also managed to set a great example for her kids as a mother they can count on for love, care, and support.

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