Queen Elizabeth Gets Cheeky At Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday As She Calls Him A ‘Duchy Original'

Date November 21, 2018

On Wednesday the 14th, the venerated future King of England, Prince Charles, celebrated his 70th birthday. The closed event, which featured a few A-list guests marked an impressive fete for the Prince of Wales who is currently the oldest heir apparent in Britain’s history.


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While the birthday itself was a major event, Prince Charles’ mother and the Queen of England stole the show when she made a joke in her toast targeting her beloved son and heir to the throne.

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For Britons, the Queen is a lot of things, but a comedian is not one of them. However, often enough, the Queen gets cheeky with her words and this time, she called Prince Charles a ‘duchy original,’ at his own birthday party!

Toasting to her son, the Queen said:

So this toast is to wish a happy birthday to my son, in every respect a duchy original. 

To you Charles. To the Prince of Wales. 

The joke, which would not be readily understandable, is actually a compliment to Prince Charles for his brain child, the Duchy Originals Company. 


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The company, which is a leading organic and natural food brand in the nation, donates all of its profits to charitable causes, making it a great symbol of Prince Charles' philanthropic heart. 

So, for the Queen to refer to her son as a duchy original, she was hailing his achievements as a great charitable leader who has shown that there is power in giving to the needy. 

Well, while the Queen’s joke might have flown over the heads of some people, it definitely hit home with Prince Charles who is no stranger to peculiar words. As a child, when his father Prince Philip held him for the first time, he is reported to have commented that he looked like ‘a plum pudding’.


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Surely, the royal household seems to be versatile and unique in its humor and the Prince appears to be a favorite subject for his loving parents. When he becomes King, do you think the chants be: ‘All hail the duchy original?’

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