‘Anything Is Possible!’ 8-Year-Old Double Amputee Is Chasing Her Dreams To Become A Model And She’s Catching Up!

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November 21, 2018 18:15 By AliveTips

At only 18-months-old, Daisy-May Demetre had her legs amputated in a procedure that meant she would never walk on her own two feet ever again. 8 years later, Daisy has overcome her condition as she has not only learned to walk again, but has also achieved her dreams to become a model at a young age.


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Last July, the young Birmingham-born model, Daisy-May, was chosen as the face of River Island, one of the most popular fashion brands in the UK. However, while she appears to have it all, Daisy has overcome many personal hurdles and her journey has been nothing short of inspirational.


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From a defect to a working inspiration

Daisy was born with fibular hemimelia, a condition where the fibular bone that supports the formation of feet, is missing. Since the condition was irredemable, her parents chose to have her feet amputated at an early age. 

While both parents and children might lose hope in the face of such problems, Daisy persisted as she continued to dream of a better future, and with the help of her parents, she persisted.

In 2017, Daisy, who had always dreamed of being a model was signed with Zebedee Management, an agency that works with diverse models. Today, her hard work and dreams have been actualised as she is the face of River Island with possibilities of more deals in the offing.

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Daisy’s journey is an inspiration

Aside from the runway, Daisy has also become an inspiration to millions of people around who follow her inpirational journey on Instagram. 

Speaking on how much her daughter has achieved in inspiring others, Daisy’s father, Alex Demetre said:

She will be the most influential inspiring double amputee to have ever lived


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Well, while Daisy is yet to finish her own race, what she has achieved at a young age is nothing short of heart-rending and inspirational.

Another young girl from America also overcame a similar condition

In America, another young girl who was born with fibular hemimelia like Daisy, inspired social media when she ran and finished a 5 Km marathon at only 7-years-old!

Aynslie, who was born with four toes and a shorter right foot did not let her condition prevent her from enjoying her life everyday.


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In a video shared by her mother, Aynslie is seen running with a 6-pound metal fixator attached to her leg as she crosses the West Palm Beach marathon while runners and spectators cheer her on.

Her achievements, just like Daisy's are inspiring, as they show that when one has determination, they can surely achieve anything they set their mind to.

The stories of these inspirational girls show that children should be allowed to chase their dreams since when they have the will to work with what life has given them, they will always emerge victorious. 

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