Wow! Kate Middleton Looked Stunning In Her Red Dress In The First Ever Photos With Her Newborn Son

Date May 21, 2018

For the last few weeks, Kate Middleton has been the center of overall attention making people wonder when she’ll give birth to her and Prince William’s third baby. The happy news was revealed on Monday morning – Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy on April 23.





The world has been waiting to see the first ever photos of the newborn child. And we must say, the royal baby and his beautiful mother both look stunning in their first photos together.





First photos of the newborn prince


Yesterday, a crowd gathered in front of the St. Mary’s Hospital, where Kate Middleton was giving birth to her third baby.  People were excited to be the first to see the newborn prince and his beautiful mother.

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Seven hours after Kate gave birth, Prince William (who was present at the baby’s delivery, by the way) took his loving wife and his new son back to the palace. When the parents-of-three were leaving the hospital, they made a quick stop to pose on cameras and show the little prince to the curious public.




Just take a look at this sweet angel. The baby’s name is still to be revealed so meanwhile, we will call him this way. The prince is so adorable when he’s sleeping peacefully in his mom’s arms. He seems to have no worries about the overall attention around him and has no idea why all these people stare at him.

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Our first glimpse of the new baby prince! #royalbaby (photo via @gettyimages)

Допис, поширений TODAY (@todayshow)



And what about Kate? Duchess gave birth just several hours ago, but she looks so charming and fresh. Maybe it’s because she shines from happiness. Kate chose to wear a lovely red dress, and some fashion critics already noted a resemblance between Kate’s outfit and Princess Diana’s when she was giving birth to her son.












What we can say for sure, the mother and son both look so adorable – just a perfect match! Our best wishes to William and Kate on the baby birth! We can’t wait to find out the prince’s name, and what about you?

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