Nursing Home No More: The New Trend Is Aging With Your Friends

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May 15, 2018 16:12 By AliveTips

We know that the world's population is aging. It is predicted that by 2050, the number of people over 60 years old will triple. One can deal with aging in many different ways in order to live well and have a good quality of life.

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As we become older, there are different options for living. Some people need to be taken care of by their children, while others go to a nursing home. However, there are still some bold ones who do not want to live alone and choose to live with their friends.



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The new trend is cohousing - a housing scheme created in Denmark, which values the contact you get with friends when living in the community.



This is a kind of private village where each resident or couple has their own home, and there are also common spaces for coexistence, leisure, etc.

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Each cohousing has its own rules. This new model works so well that it already exists in several European countries and in the United States.

This is so great that they found a way for elderly people to continue living their lives of full value and socialize with their friends. This definitely helps them to stay the active members of society, and we fully support them!

Source: Meu Canto no Mundo

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