7 Mistakes Women Make When Wearing A Skirt


May 15, 2018 16:08 By AliveTips

A skirt can make a woman elegant and refined. However, when choosing a skirt and combining it with other clothing items, many women make unforgivable mistakes that can ruin even the coolest look. Stylists identify the 6 most common mistakes in wearing skirts. You should avoid making the following mistakes and spoiling your image!

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1. Unsuitable shoes

A skirt will look great if you choose the right footwear. When choosing a pair of shoes to wear with a skirt, you need to focus not only on the color, style, and material but also the height of the shoes. You can follow this simple rule - the longer the skirt, the higher your heels can be. Mini skirts are best combined with low sole shoes.











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2. The wrong top

In recent years, fashion has formed a few simple rules:

  • a mini-skirt should be worn with a somewhat close blouse or sweater;
  • a lush skirt should be combined with a laconic top;
  • an over-sized sweater will perfectly complement a tight skirt.

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3. The wrong underwear

The most common mistakes include underwear with elastic bands that clearly stand out and colorful panties that can be seen through the skirt fabric. Both look ugly and attract unnecessary attention. You should give preference to flesh-coloured underwear to make your outfit perfect!

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4. The wrong length

If we talk about fashion trends regarding the length of skirts, they are constantly changing, and it seems like you can never keep up with them. But don't forget the golden rule of skirt fashion: short women should wear skirts above the knee to avoid their legs looking shorter.

5. Bad-quality fabrics

Cheap materials emphasize the shortcomings of a woman's body and rarely look good. Ideally, you should choose a skirt made from a dense fabric, which will easily adjust to your silhouette and make your image look more expensive. Avoid wearing "shiny" skirts!

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6. The wrong model

Women often choose to wear trendy skirts without taking into account their body shape. You need to take a "sober" look at things and honestly assess your body's parameters. Have a close look at your waist and buttocks before going out in a particular skirt! Besides, the universal skirt models are always there for you - a trapezoid skirt, A-line skirt, and box-pleated skirt.

7. Inappropriate for an occasion

Anything you wear should be appropriate for the event you are going to attend. For example, if you work at an office, you can wear a pencil skirt - midi or maxi. Something bright and frivolous will be just perfect if you are going to a party. After all, there is no limit to female fantasy!

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In the end, whatever you wear, make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful! After all, if you feel beautiful, nothing else matters!

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