“Who Sells This Poison To Our Kids?” 19-Year-Old Guy Passed Away After Trying A Legal Drug

Date June 18, 2018

On this photo, we can see a happy family who spends their time together on the beach. It is hard to believe that it was their last family picture. Their son, a young and handsome 19-year-old, Connor Reid Eckhardt, died from taking synthetic legal drugs.

One day, Connor made a decision that took his life away – he agreed to try a legal drug, synthetic marijuana, that was sold at a local store. It is called “spice,” and unfortunately, every person can just come and buy it everywhere – at a gas station, at the nearby shop, etc. Just one step can change everything!

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After taking the drug, offered by a good friend, Connor went into coma. He was on the life support for around four days, but doctors declared his brain was already dead.

Now, his family tries to spread the message for people all over the world: don’t take drugs, and ask your children and friends not to do it as well. If Connor knew the truth, he would be alive now.

Connor’s mother launched The Connor Project Foundation, with the goal to raise awareness and educate people.

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Even though synthetic marijuana is legal, it is not safe at all and affects some parts of the brain.

Medical toxicologist Patrick Lank says:

We have no idea what people will be exposed to if they buy one of these products. It can absolutely be life threatening, even to people who are otherwise healthy.

Please, warn your friends, children, and grandchildren to be aware of this danger!

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