Heartbreaking Tragedy: 2-Year-Old Girl Was Accidentally Run Over By Her Mother On Easter Sunday


May 21, 2018 11:47 By AliveTips

A horrible tragedy happened to a family in San Bernardino, California. The 2-year-old daughter was accidentally run over by her mother. Without a doubt, this is a heartbreaking accident.

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Liv was a little angel


The Corona family is mourning the tragic loss of their beautiful daughter. Liv Corona had been opening her Easter presents full of life and excitement, and two hours later, she was killed.

The parents had seven children, and Liv was the youngest. Her mother, Vanessa, told that Liv was a miracle, as the girl was born a year after a miscarriage.

The mother opened up about her beloved daughter:


She would always tell us before bed, 'You're my daddy. You're my mommy,' and touch our faces. We love her so much. We're going to miss her


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Devastating accident


Liv’s father was in the garage when he saw the girl suddenly ran into the driveway. At that exact moment, Vanessa was pulling out in her car. It all happened in just a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, the girl died immediately without a chance to be rescued.












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The devastated parents are planning to run a campaign “liv4liv” to raise awareness and prevent the tragedies like theirs from happening.












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Vanessa admits that she could’ve saved her child:


To always look on your left and your right, and your right again. Because I only looked to my left and I didn't look to my right. I would have seen her.



Here are more tips regarding driveway safety:


1. Before you drive, walk around your car and check for children, cats, or other animals. Also, check if there are things that can attract children, such as toys, bike, etc.

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2. Make sure the children are stationary. The easiest way to do this is to ask an adult to hold them before you start the engine and drive.

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3. The driveway is not a playground. Explain your children the danger and remove all the toys from the driveway. Make it a toy-free zone.

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4. Always hold children’s hands when walking near driveways and moving vehicles. Help your children when they get in and out of the vehicle.

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Such tragedy shouldn’t happen to anybody else. Always remember these simple tips. Stay safe and take care of your children!

We are praying for the family and send our condolences!

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