5-Week-Old Baby Girl Dies In Her Mom’s Arms Because A Hospital Had No Free Room For Her


June 18, 2018 11:18 By AliveTips

“Holding my dead daughter … I'll never get that picture out of my head.”  A 5-week-old girl died at home in her mother's arms because a hospital had no free room for her. The girl’s mother, Tessa McAllister, reveals her heartbreaking story to warn other parents.

Baby girl died because a hospital was over capacity

Five-week-old Blayke McAllister started showing troubled breathing symptoms shortly after the birth. At some point, the baby girl’s condition saw a decline. Her parents, Tessa and Cody McAllister, took the baby to their family physician, Dr. Jeffery Hans.

The doctor said little Blayke would be back to normal because it was just the common cold; however, the parental instincts told them otherwise. Tessa and Coby addressed to Dr. Hans several times in a row begging him for help.

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When the baby girl failed to recover, the doctor finally took the blood test. He diagnosed Blayke with a respiratory syncytial virus. The disease is very dangerous for newborns and, in most cases, requires immediate hospitalization.

Tessa and Coby saw a ray of hope when Dr. Hans finally contacted the hospital, but his next words plunged them into shock.

He called the hospital with me in the room, and the hospital said there was no room — for my dying baby. 

Hans told the parents the emergency department was full of flu patients and suggested them to go home and bring the baby back to his office the next day. Tessa recalled:

“He was my doctor for 34 years and I trusted him.”

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When the woman woke up the next day, she found her daughter unresponsive. Blayke died in Tessa's arms with tiny fingers wrapped around her mom's hand. The desperate mother said:

I scooped her up and I bawled and I ran … 'Please God. No, please God.' And I was saying the 'Hail Marys' and I was saying the 'Our Fathers.' I was saying every prayer I've ever been taught.

"I want to warn all parents..."

Today, the McAllister family is awaiting autopsy results to find out the exact cause of death. The hospital representatives refer the tragedy to miscommunication, saying that they would never turn down a patient in dire need of help. They have opened an investigation into the case.

Blayke parents decided to share their heartbreaking story to prevent other parents from the doctor’s neglect.

I want to ask all parents to trust their instincts when it comes to the well-being of their kids. Do not repeat my mistake.

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